First fruits errr…vegtables

Tonight we began to get some lettuce from the garden.  The plan is to use this for our salads for lunch tomorrow.  I didn’t realize how much lettuce we already had so this represents more than two salads and there’s plenty where this came from!

Herein lies our love with this part of the country.  I loved living in Newfoundland – the Army was so strong and I met so many good people.

Alberta has great low taxes, a remarkable economy, and we made such very good friends.

But Ontario – southern Ontario specifically – has such a great climate.  Summer begins early, winter is short and  mild in comparison to other areas, and you can grow wonderful things in the garden.

This year the garden is fairly small.  It will be larger next year.  We just wanted to get a start and now that we’re reminded at the pace that things grow I’m wishing we had expanded it this year and given ourselves more to enjoy.

Are you a gardener?  What are you growing?

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