Post 2340

I find this a bit hard to believe – but this is post is #2340 !!  That’s a fair number – and it seems that most days I have something to write about.

Last evening after work – as we pulled into the driveway – Wendy and I noticed that one of our neighbours was out cutting his grass, which was quite long, with a weed eater.  We haven’t seen much of this neighbour so I walked over and introduced myself.  He told me his name and we exchanged a few pleasantries.

I asked if he needed a lawnmower and asked if he was interested in borrowing ours.  A short time later he was mowing happily and the lawn was starting to look pretty good.

After he was done I noticed that he had a Rotary hat on – and it turns out he is the president of the club he belongs to in Manilla.  He’s here visiting his son and having some medical treatments.  He is a very nice man probably close to my age with very good English – certainly better than my Filipino.

A short walk across the street and we have a new friend.  And their lawn looks much better too.

As we parted company I asked God’s blessing on him – and he on me.

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