New friends – good music

Early in my days at THQ I was impressed by the faith and vibrancy of one of the women in our department.  Millie and her husband Robin came to Canada just three years ago and as new Canadians they have embraced this land and The Salvation Army.  Robin worked for a number of years in Kuwait before making their home in this city.

As Indians they bring with them a variety of interesting backgrounds – and can we say – some really great food.  So it was with much interest we accepted the invitation to be guests in their home for supper and a music concert.  This is an enormously talented family.  Robin shared with us both arrangements he has done for old familiar hymns – and then some of the music he’s penned that is original.

We were really taken by the skill level revealed in the songs – both upbeat and more gentle music – with interesting chord progressions sewn together with brilliant lyrics that paint a story line that is engaging and challenging.

But what really struck me was what Robin shared around their reason for coming to Canada.  He believes that they are here to be missionaries – to share through music the message of God’s love and forgiveness.  Both he and Millie shared about how God has provided for them and how they feel this message needs to be shared amongest Canadians.  They see us as a pagan land – lost in our prosperity and “freedom”!

They don’t understand how we can have so much freedom and yet be enslaved to our world.

They spoke at length about the lack of religious freeedom in other countries – especially in Kuwait.  Now that they are here they want to share God’s love.

I suppose their story had increased impact because of Danny and Kim – a couple who I interviewed to be Salvaton Army Officers.  Danny and Kim are from Korea – and like Robin and Millie they too believe that God has called them as missionaries to Canada.  They too feel that we have lost our way and that Canadians need to hear and understand God’s great desire that we might be forgiven from our sins and freed from our fears, our enslavement to “stuff” – whatever that looks like.

Missionaries to Canada – we thank God for them.

Missionaries to Canada

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