A sure fire way to gain perspective

Are you feeling a bit discouraged?  Feel like the world’s against you…like you always get grounds in your coffee, a pit in your cherry, a bone in your chicken.  Okay so I’m getting a bit carried away.  To my point.  Ever just feel sorry for yourself, a bit lonely?

Perhaps if that is you then you might be interested in reading Alice’s blog – it’s called Alice’s Bucket List.  Alice is 16.  Read it for perspective.

I don’t know Alice and in fact I stumbled across her blog quite by accident.  Ever since she’s had me hooked.  I wait for her next note almost holding my breath in between.  Alice isn’t moody or morbid.  She’s quite lucid and…well practical.  She has good weeks and bad weeks.  She’s very honest.  But then she’s got nothing to lose by hiding her journey and nothing to gain.  We can’t affect her journey.

I find her inspiring.

Supper tonight was with a friend who too has a rather major hill in life to climb.  The talk was authentic – real – honest.  Again he has nothing to lose or gain by putting on a face, by pretending.

I found him inspiring.

Why is it that authentic people sharing an authentic journey are so refreshing?  Is it because too often we sense that those around us are holding back?

“How are you?”

“Fine – yourself?”


Is it because we know we’re holding back?  And is it because we’ve learned that being too honest can get you hurt?

Maybe that’s why Jesus’ invitation was so intriguing then and now!

“Come to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest.”

I find that inspiring.

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