Character – the promises you keep

Is there a topic more relevant to our world right now than character?  We’ve grown use to public leaders disappointing us.  We’ve come to a point that we are no longer surprised when we discover that a public leader has a secret life – that they’ve either fleeced their friends and clients of money, or that they’ve had a secret partner, or that a child has come forward to name their famous parent.

Character is a relevant topic.  Just yesterday members of the President of the USA’s team were sent home for inappropriate behaviour.  President Obama apologies on television and assures the public that this kind of behaviour is not tolerated.  Some of his predecessors I’m sorry to say would have been at the party with the team.

Of course John 8 reminds us that “we who have no sin may cast the first stone”.  Yes, most of us have made decisions in the past that we aren’t too proud of.  The press just won’t likely put our failures on the front page.

Here’s a quote that is on the wall by my desk at home: “Your true character is revealed by the clarity of your convictions, the choices you make, and the promises you keep.”

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