Titanic Anniversary – 100 years

We were in Ottawa when Wendy and I went to see Cameron’s Titanic – the remake with DiCaprio and Winslet.  I was chilled by those final scenes of mayhem and panic as the reality of their imminent fate landed upon the hears, minds and faces of those who were unfortunate to be left behind.  It was 1997 and though I knew the story, understood the tragedy of this ship, I had not really come to grips with what it must have been like on that night when in 2.5 hours the ship sunk after hitting the iceberg.

Arrogance and carelessness of a few meant the death of hundreds.  What a tragedy that part is too.

The Salvation Army has a connection to the Titanic.  Below is a recently released video that begins with the telling of that tale.

Of course it only 2 years after that tragedy that The Salvation Army in Canada suffered a significant blow when it lost many of its own people (167) when the Empress of Ireland sank after it was struck by a Norwegian ship and sank in the St. Lawrence River.  In total 1015 lives were lost in that maritime disaster.

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