Another new chapter in my life

After 10 months in my current appointment I am being appointed as the Corps Ministries Secretary for Canada and Bermuda.  This past year has been a wonderful opportunity to meet and work with individuals who are pursuing God’s plan for their lives, and to help them in fulfilling their calling.

My new role will be an exciting opportunity to provide support for our church work across the Territory.  One person asked me what the CM Secretary does.  My answer goes something like this; …new strategy on Church Planting, creating a more interactive web site for church resources,  bringing together best practices on urban ministry, rural ministry, creating a dialogue with social services on supporting small corps who have family service operations, serving on a few different boards at THQ, working with divisional executive boards to strengthen our corps work, supporting the Program Sect’y in the development of related ministry with music, women and youth departments…and of course I haven’t read the Brief yet.

We’ll see what else is on the radar in due course!  The appointment begins June 29, 2012.

Here’s the link to the announcement!

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