Here comes spring

With our return to southern Ontario, and especially to the micro-climate of Toronto, I was expecting a rather mild winter.  After 11 years in Alberta, and especially the last 4 in Edmonton the thought of a short and mild winter was a welcome thought.

Who would have thought that the winter months would be so spring like?  We’ve had little snow, have had few days below 0 and even as I was looking forward to the first day of spring, the past few days it has been more like early summer.

I had to laugh this past Thursday as Winsome, who was leading chapel, referred to Canadians and their continual reference in conversation to the weather. Winsome is from Jamaica and the weather is not a point of conversation there.  She said….”it is either hot or hotter”.

Travelling in the arctic I was warned not to use weather as a conversation piece.  The Inuit see people who talk about the weather as foolish.  Why would you talk about what is so obvious?  It seems we are obsessed with this conversation.

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