Spring 2012

I’m in a fog…another foggy morning in Toronto.  Everywhere we’ve lived there are have been weather patterns unique to that part of the country.  In Listowel, it was the snow.  The roads in and out of town would often be closed on a weekends.  In Ottawa it was freezing rain – remember the ice storm?  In Calgary it was hail – you had to see it to believe it – deep like snow at times, it would strip the trees of leaves and shred the siding on houses.  In Edmonton it was the cold…brrr…yes I remember a weekend of minus 51 C!  In Ontario, well in Toronto it seems to be fog.  Fog that is thick like pea soup!  Or peanut butter…I don’t like pea soup at all.  

Incoming storm near Okotoks AB
Of course fog means flight delays.  I’m off to the airport again today – a bit later though – an evening flight to Heathrow (UK).  I|’ll be attending the UK Territory’s Assessment Weekend.  On this weekend candidates for Salvation Army Officership are brought together for information and assessment.
I’ve been looking at the way that the USA and the UK assess people for ministry and the process by which all that works.  This should be an interesting if not educational weekend.  I’ll give you an update on what  I find.
Speaking of fog..remember this is jolly ol’ England.  I think they invented fog!

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