Brother Andre

Bonjour – I must honestly admit that I really enjoyed being immersed in French for the weekend.  Okay so it wasn’t total immersion, but quite a bit of the weekend was in French, and of course the Sunday morning service  was. I thought I followed along well, and though my high school French teacher would be amazed,  I enjoyed the experience.

Monday, we had the opportunity to see some of old Montreal, ascend Mount Royal after which the city draws it’s name, and to visit the home of Brother Andre – a remarkable facility.  I’ve been trying to figure out the square footage of the building but with 8 levels and an enormous sanctuary it seems impossible to guess.

It was a most interesting day – and a most interesting view of a historic site!

L’Oratorie St. Joseph

At first I thought this was the chapel

The Chapel

Large pipe organs up high at the rear

The 12 disciples in wood – these are about 20 feet tall

viewing the altar from the side

…of Brother Andre

The altar from the rear

The pulpit

The altar

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