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A few days in Quebec


Last week we found ourselves in Orford Quebec at the divisional retreat. This is a small perhaps better described intimate division. We had a wonderful time en francais and each day seemed to bring something different. We explored Sherbrook Quebec where we had never been – ate poutine at Le Shack – a real unique experience! Oh and delicious too.

I was really taken with the teaching of Colonel Daniel Naud. This man is a wonderful teacher and his gentle but authority teaching really gave us reason to think. His word to us was entirely set in the Word of God and his personal illustrations brought a sense of genuine leadership.  He is the TC for France and Belgium and obviously a wise and thoughtful leader.

One of our team building exercises was putting together a puzzle – thus the feature image above. Did I mention how good the food was? DELICIOUS!


Strikes and slurs

What we don’t know, won’t hurt us.  Now that’s a statement that isn’t true – very untrue!  That is certainly true for us spiritually, it is true for us economically, and it is sure true of us in relationships.

Another topic – the students on strike in Quebec….Gabrielle, the leader of the student union needs to understand that there is little sympathy for their strike.  And how can you call this a strike?  The students don’t work, are not holding back any productivity, they are not paid for work…in fact what they are missing are the classes they have paid to attend.

Perhaps they feel that they are brothers and sisters to the occupy movement.  But not so fast, the occupy movement was in protest of the unbalanced power and opportunity for the 1%.  The students are being asked to add about $350 per year to their tuition fees in a province that has the lowest tuition costs in the country.  There’s no comparison.  Students are being asked to share a bit more in the cost of learning.

Sad topic – Joel Ward scored the winner last night to push the Washington Capitals past the Boston Bruins in the first round of the playoffs.  And then the internet lit up with racial slurs against Ward – seemingly hatred is not that far under the surface.  That’s why we need God’s transforming power in our lives to see others as God’s creation – we are all created in His imagine.

Final topic – tomorrow the annual general change for SA officers will be announced.  Our prayers are with those, and their children, who will be on the move.

Montreal for a weekend

The DC watches Wendy get his car ready!

 Hospitality is what we experienced on our visit to Montreal.  And it came in so many ways – conversation, food, laughter, prayer, travel and good singing were just a part of it.  While our arrival was a bit delayed due to weather,  we received a warm welcome and we were made to feel very much at home.   While the photos might lead you to believe we did a great deal of sight-seeing, we did also do a good deal of work.  The charm of the city was evident even though the snow fell hard and thick.

Montreal City Hall

We would very much like to return to Montreal in warmer weather to see more of the sights, and to be able to walk the old city.  We’ve done so in Quebec City and while larger, Montreal has it’s own old world charm!

Old Montreal

Montreal Citadel

French first, English second, God above all

Kathryn and Kester are session mates!

Sunday morning – CCC – the worship team prepares

A lovely service led well

It’s cold in Old Montreal

I see Habs stuff everywhere!

Cobble stone streets

Great restaurants!

Global TV must be interested in our visit

Maybe next time I can get to a game!