Mercy Seat – Rosemont

Mercy Seats have been an integral part of Salvation Army buildings.  Their intention is to give focus to a place of prayer where any/all may come for prayer.  It is in the tradition of Jesus who called all His followers to declare themselves publicly, but it is also in the tradition of Christian accountability.  Having made a commitment to Christ publicly it means that The Church – my faith family – are able to encourage me and hold me accountable so that my behaviour matches my declaration.

The Mercy Seat is also a place of private prayer however, and what is said – or not said – is between the seeker and God.  We have also referred to this as the Penitent Form – a place of penitence where I could confess and find forgiveness.

This special place of prayer has traditionally had some saying painted or carved into the wood.  This mercy seat is from the Rosemont Corps  –  known now as the CCC, and I was quite taken by it.  If you don’t read French it says God answers prayer…God responds…and yes He does.

Wendy and I had a wonderful time in Quebec, Montreal specifically with the Trims and their good team.  I’ll have more to say in the coming days – and more wonderful photos.

At the moment this stands as a reminder – God does answer prayer.

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