The Labour Day weekend family get-together

 One of the joys of returning to Ontario has been having the whole family together.  With Phil and Amanda in town for a visit it was the perfect opportunity to try and get everyone together for a BBQ.  It was wonderful to have so many able to join us.  With four generations in the photo this was a highlight to capture.

It’s great to be a Grandpa!

As we didn’t have a photographer on hand, save moi, I wasn’t going to be in the photo on the front step.  When a man went walking down the sidewalk we asked him to take the photo….you can see the result below.  Lesson one on photography – aim at the subject, lesson two, don’t be moving the camera around when you push the button!

Nevertheless, it was a joyful day to have so many people in our home.

Thank you LORD for these blessings.

Awesome Aunt Amanda

Noah and Laura playing Wii Hockey

Food is out – the family has gathered

The indoor table

the outdoor table

here comes a man up the sidewalk

the family photo w/o Fred

the family photo with Fred taken by the passing man on the sidewalk

photo session over

Rachel with Uncle Phil and Awesome Aunt Amanda

Brad and Meghan with Grandma B

Cath and Terry – who has just finished cheering for the Habs

Harvey and Adele

the new Father

Three Generations

Noah beating Uncle Fred at Wii Hockey

Rachel at the end of the day!

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