A Father and Son walk

Walking out to the bus stop

It’s been a long time since I was on the TTC.  I would think the last time was in the early 80’s.  Can’t imagine when I was on since then.  Saturday I was invited by Phil to join him on a journey downtown…and since that’s an area I know well I thought it would be great to see the changes.  From 1978 to ’81 I worked at Queen’s Park and the area from there to the waterfront was well known to us.

We hopped on the bus to the Warden Station and down to Union and then began our walk.  The camera was shared between Phil and I …so uncharacteristically, I made the photo shoot.
Phil says you have to be patient to use transit

Down at the harbour

One of the tall ships

Lunch break – sausage from the street vendor

De-construction – Phil was very interested

Eco-taxi downtown

Old Toronto character

Lots of sandstone buildings downtown

Even street names in the sandstone

Old City Hall

Look in the air! It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s 4 planes!

4 planes – airshow was on 

Walking towards what was 20 Albert St

The site of the old THQ

Phil was interested in how the Eaton Centre was constructed

We thought about renting bixi

Heading on the TTC to Yorkdale

2 brothers walking with Rachel

Can I have fries with that?


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