Accordion Worship Music is making a come back!

I think I am correct in saying that the BNL band has an accordion player in it.  Right?  And if that’s correct then that’s the only recording of accordion music I have.  Which might seem strange if you know that for generations the accordion was a popular instrument in The Salvation Army.

So this morning there was a laugh, and I might add a cheer, when Jamie brought out his accordion for the worship team!  And, might I add – they sounded great!  Perhaps then I could suggest other corps suggest the inclusion of this portable instrument – no need to amplify it either!

The sun was strong this morning and so for the TYI small group we sat in the shade…well I sat partially in the sun.  I just am loving the heat and humidity – yes still!!

Tonight was talent night at National.  Exceptional is the only word I can think of to adequately describe the talent in the room.  I suppose I could use “wow”…no matter the word it must describe the depth of the talent in the room.  Piano players, violin, flugel horn, bells (and flutes), media…all excellent – exceptional.

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