Salvation Army music

During the 1970’s two Salvation Army Officers rose to the attention of those of us in, and out of, The Salvation Army.  Captains John Larsson and John Gowans began to write and produce stage shows.  They were superb in the story lines and the music, and for the most part the story line was captured in the music.

They would eventually rise to become General, each in their own time.  General John Gowans is not well.  General John Larsson has been enjoying good health and is releasing some of that great music which has become part of Salvation Army music fabric.  Many of their songs are staples in our singing.

One of my favourites is still: “They shall come from the east, they shall come from the west and sit down in the Kingdom of God”.  What great theology!  And great word pictures painted out.  I think I’ve used their song “Don’t assumed that God’s dismissed you from his mind….” often.

All that to point out this news which I picked up in The New Frontier.  Follow the link for your own information.

And yes – this would make a great Christmas present.

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