We’re ahead of schedule

In our schedule to pack, clean, say our good-byes, and move we seem to be ahead. That has given us an opportunity to see Phil and Amanda one more time and to make a visit to Calgary.

We arrived here almost 11 years ago. Jason was 16 years of age and quite unhappy to have left Ottawa. Philip was 13 and enjoyed the trip and the idea of a new city. JR our dog was 11 years of age and in every way part of our family.

We suspected, but couldn’t really know, how much this move would impact all our futures. It has been an Alberta decade!

Philip and Jason have matured here, married and launched into adulthood in the prosperity and wide open spaces of the west. We have become empty nesters, in-laws and soon-to-be grandparents. We have made new friends, seen new parts of North America from California to Alaska and into the Canadian north.

This has been a decade of adventure! Time has been full and fast.

God has been faithful in the days of joy and the days of sadness. He has journeyed before us, behind us and within us.

Tomorrow we’ll worship one last time at Glenmore and be filled with thanksgiving for all God’s blessings!


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