Never Off Line

You know you’ve eaten to much for Sunday lunch when all you can think about is lying down and napping!  Ahhhh – Sunday afternoon!!!  Many thanks to Wayne and Lynn for taking us in during our quick run to Calgary.  The ribs were mmmmmm.

As I looked about Glenmore Temple this morning there were two or three recurring thoughts for me.  First, as Eddie shared about the last couple of weeks and how many folk have lost a loved one I couldn’t help but think about those faithful saints who were part of the fabric of the church when we arrived in 2000.  Mrs. Brigadier Matthews, Brigadier Jatter, Brigadier Cross, the Wooleys, the Stevens, Dick and Hazel Fengler…and list goes on.  I thank God for them, for the witness of their lives.

Secondly I was struck by how many people I didn’t know – which in case you wondered is a great thing!  If the former pastor returns and knows everyone – that’s a bad sign.  New people should be coming in, being welcomed into the fellowship and finding a home!
Thirdly, and perhaps this was what I found most excited was the number of different ethnic backgroudnds that were evident.  The Church should be reflecting the growing diversity of our cities.  This is very good news!

Tonight we’re back home – getting ready for tomorrow.  We have a number of errands to complete including our farewell from the office.

God is gracious and good.  He has blessed us through many people.  Thank you.
One final thought – if you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed this afternoon that I was twittering PppppPPppp…. And if you wondered what that was about?  I was laying on my BlackBerry during my nap!  Twittering during a nap.  How’s that for never being “off line”?


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