Best Moving Crew ever

The Before – waiting for the truck

 At just about 8 a.m. this morning Todd and his crew rolled up in front of the house.  With all our boxes ready, labelled and inventoried we were anxious to get them loaded so we could get on with the cleaning.

By 1 pm they were done and we started into the next phase.  With no kids or pets this is a great deal easier than once we endured.

Todd was thrilled with our packing and told us several times that we do better than their agents and this “is the best load I’ve done in two years”.  They were certainly the best crew we’ve ever had.

The Truck arrives!

Many thanks to Elaine who dropped by with coffee and muffins just before the truck arrived.  The extra energy was greatly appreciated.  We are off to Calgary tomorrow – we’ll take in a service at Glenmore for the last time before we head east!  We continue to have very mixed emotions and will not leave this province or the people we’ve worked with easily.  This has been an adventure filled four years.

I hope they are careful driving thru Winnipeg!

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