Stop trying to be successful and start trying to be a blessing

The packing job is getting along nicely…the kitchen is more or less packed, save the food and some cooking utensils, downstairs is packed for the most part too.  I started into my closet today.  I have to say, that was a bit depressing.

It seems that I’ve grown over the past 4 years…travel, eating out, sitting in an office will do that without some substantive exercise (right Phil?).  So today’s question was “should I pack these pants in the hope I can shed a couple of inches and get back into them….or toss them out and buy some new ones in the future if I lose some weight?”

I felt like trying them on and asking Wendy, “do these pants make me look fat?” but we all know the answer to that one.

Maybe lifting heavy boxes is exercise.

Tomorrow some of our DHQ team are on their way to Slave Lake.  This will be my first visit up there since the fire a week ago.  Our people are there and doing a great job serving the first responders, many of whom lost their own homes.  Our property is intact and thus will make for a good staging area for the work that is yet to come.  I’ll be taking my camera to get some photos.  As some of you will know residents are being offered the opportunity to view the town on a coach with other residents.   This began today and each bus had a Salvation Army Officer on board.  You can begin  to imagine the impact of not being able to get off the bus and examine more closely.

I read this today on and marked it down… Stop trying to be a success and start trying to be a blessing.”

I want more than anything for us to be a blessing to this community.

Is there anything more allusive that we chase today than success?  I might engrave it on my desk at work…the old desk, not the new!


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