Slave Lake Visit

Many Fire Trucks and first responders in town

Today we drove to Slave Lake.  Apart from seeing the town, and of course our properties which are undamaged, we were introduced to the Town Council by the Mayor and had our meeting for updates and next steps.  As you drive into town there are two check stops to stop at manned by the RCMP.  At the first check stop the RCMP officer, after clearing us for entry into the town reached out his hand, shook mine and thanked me for what we are doing.  He said, “I just want to say thank you…my house is one of the homes destroyed, and you guys were there for me, helped me through a difficult time. Thank you.”

The house next door unharmed

Entering into Slave Lake, the Command Centre is at the Community College.  Immediately you are aware of the bitter odor of burned buildings, lawns, trees, vehicles.  The sound of helicopters is in the air and as they pass near the town you can see that they are still hauling the big buckets for fighting fires.  Fires continue in the area.

Placing fences around dangerous areas

As we toured the town you are struck by the way the fire wove its way through the town, like water flowing in a river it curved and cut at will.  One block we drove around had every house destroyed but one, and it stood almost without damage.  In another area a whole street would be destroyed and then suddenly the fire had changed direction sparing the next neighbourhood.

The work of The Salvation Army is quiet and in the background but noticed and commented upon by the first responders – many of whom have been victims of the fire.

A wooden fence and mail boxes remain

The residents will soon be allowed to return as the work continues at a good pace.  Life is going to be difficult for many families in the days to come.  The Salvation Army will continue to provide support as generosity rains down on this town from every part of the country.

What’s left of the boat

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