Now that the world didn’t end…

Well the world didn’t end…

That means you’ll have to:

1. Go to work tomorrow
     2. Pay the Visa bill
          3. Continue to give Revenue Canada their %
               4. Finish that project
                    5. Face the music
                         6. Love your neighbour

I wonder if the guy who said the world was going to come to an end will show up to work this week.

We continue to work on getting ourselves packed up and ready for our move.  We’re headed east…into very familiar turf.  Our visit last week to Ottawa reminded me of the density of this area.  When you consider that the population of Alberta doesn’t equal the population of the city we will live in…you understand that life in the east has a different pace, and different feel to it.  We’ll miss the freedom of the highway in the west!

Here’s a photo from NASA of the eastern seaboard at night.


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