Friday at 4 pm

At the end of a challenging, if not productive work week, it is easy to feel good as the office closes for the weekend.  Employees are filing out, wishing each other a good weekend and heading out to what they have planned.  Last weekend Wendy and I were out on the road so it will be nice to be home this weekend.

There is a definite tide working in an office setting that is different to being “out on the front lines”.  Those of us at DHQ dwell in two worlds – during the week we have administrative duties that support the people we visit on weekends.  There is a great joy in rubbing shoulders with those whose responsibilities are more directly linked to hands on ministry.

In the April 2011 edition of Christianity Today, they ask the question “What’s a congregation worth?”  The Answer comes from a study by University of Pennsylvania’s Ram Cnann:
  • Church budget: $520,000 with 80% providing stimulus to the local economy.
  • Suicide prevention $58,800 with $19,600 per person directly saved through clergy intervention
  • Divorces prevented $22,500
  • Crime prevention and re-entry $84,000
  • Reduced crime rate $64,416
  • Volunteer hours worked $94,770
  • People getting off drugs/alcohol $78,750
  • Helping people gain employement $725,000

Now multiply that by the number of churches in your neighbourhood…the number of Salvation Army Centres that do even more…supporting that kind of work is deeply satisfying.  I thank God every day for His calling on my life.

“And Jesus went about doing good.”

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