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Good quote

I am an Unceasing Eternal being/ in whom Christ dwells and delights in./ I am part of his unshakeable kingdom /and it is not in trouble../.therefore I am completely safe.



Privileged is one word that comes to mind when I think of the present experience that I am enjoying.  This is week two Arrow’s Executive Leader’s Program.  We’re on Keats Island, just north west of Vancouver.  I’m awaking to a wonderful view looking back across the water towards the mainland.

It’s not the warm white sand beach of South Carolina but the setting is breath-taking.

More than that is the objective of the program; to challenge us to be Led more by Jesus, Lead more like Jesus and Lead more to Jesus.  This is about Intentional Christian Leadership Development.  What has been interesting has been how I’ve been motivated to read – beyond what I’m required to read – to that which I see addressing my leadership gaps.

The view from my room

Having time to be reflective, both alone and in conversation with my leadership coach, has let me see some growing edges on many fronts.  Some of those learnings are just a bit too personal to share here, but suffice to say I’m finding myself hungering “for righteousness” in very practical matters.

I’m thinking again about what it means to enjoy God’s Shalom…complete, perfect, full, wholeness, peace, safety, soundness, tranquility, prosperity, rest, harmony, absence of discord.  Great words to describe what we usually think of solely as peace.

But imagine it in your role as spouse, parent, child, partner, workmate, leader, congregant, citizen, neighbour.  What would that mean?  What would you need to release?  Who would you need to forgive or trust or love or encourage?  In what areas of your life would you need to grow?

So my prayer is for you to enjoy Shalom!

Grace that is current

The Passover weekend and Easter have met – which they don’t always do – this weekend.  Jews will celebrate their ancestral freedom out of Egypt, led by Moses guided by God’s hand.  Christians will celebrate their personal freedom out of sin, provided by Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Both are demonstrations of God’s grace.  I would just prefer to celebrate something current, something done for me, something that has changed my life – not my ancestors.