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If time was a commodity would it beat Apple’s value

Every birthday brings us closer to the realization that we are rushing toward a day when we’ll stand before our maker.  Not everyone would agree, some might say there is nothing beyond this life but rest…that death is death and silence in the grave proves it.  My belief is that I do not live in the land of the living but in the land of the dying and death brings a release into eternity that promises:

no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” – Revelation 21

As I think about the value of time I’m haunted – occassionally – that I’m a waster of time.  I think about the hours spent doing things that have not proved me to be a better person, to have advanced my character or aided me in making a difference in the world.  I am certain that this is true for most people and I suspect that it has to do with our propensity to take the road of least resistance.  We are creatures of comfort.  I also suspect that we are this way because we do not entirely appreciate or understand the value of time.

Consider the question; “if this were your last day on life what would you do?”

Immediately our lens focus changes and we think about people we should talk to, places we would visit, loose ends we would tie up.  I have a friend who works here who knows she’s dying.  When I talked to her it was a very different conversation.  There was focus to her living.

I wonder at times if we could buy and sell time on the stock market what would it sell for?  My guess is that it would far out value Apple stock.

Well that’s my thought for today….

What are you thinking about?

When the team adds value to the work

For the last few months it seems most of what I have blogged about has to do with my personal life.  And in some ways this post is personal too, however I want to simply share my experiences over the past few weeks and specifically today’s experience.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have the appointment I do.  This feels like a good fit – most of the other appointments have too, and this is very administrative…but the fact that we resource corps is a bit magical for me.  My heart remains attached to the corps and my antenna still attuned to the life of the corps officer.  I’ve left off the word envy for I well remember the stress and strain.  Yet in that ministry is so many rewards.

Let me go to today!  This was the second staff meeting since my taking up this leadership post.  Everyone came to the meeting eager to bring information, add value to our topics, and to imagine as a group what the future might look like.  These are smart people – and well educated in their fields.  I’m not sure if we are yet a team, in the sense of really working together well, but my sense is we are not far off.

There seems to be energy in the room and with the history that these folks bring to our discussions we don’t waste much time.

So I left the office today – still with much work to be completed – but with a real sense that there are some exciting days ahead.

Life is good.  This team adds value to the work.

Is faith in a secular system an oxymoron?

The year I received a small Gideon Bible at school it had a gold cover on it.  Normally the covers were red, but the New Testaments given out that year were ordered special because it was 1967 – Canada’s 100th birthday. I still have it – and remember with fondness the day the Gideons came to distribute them.

The days of distribution have since changed with the Gideons now offering them to children who want them – there is no giving out of New Testaments to those who prefer not to have one.  However, that too seems to be passing.  Another sign of a society increasingly chasing a European secularism.
The Blue Water School Board yesterday, after a heated debate chose to no longer allow Gideons to distribute any New Testaments.  Bill Donovan of Owen Sound had objected believing that the school system should be strictly a secular system.  His response to the decision: “It bolsters my faith in the admirable society we have here in Ontario and Canada.”

Of course the ongoing debate is an interesting one.  Where do we derive values from?  What are the absolutes that we firmly believe.  Is there right or wrong?  Who determines this?  We now live in a pluralistic society.  Near my office live thousands of Muslims.  They would believe the Quran is the authority on life and established values.  I would say it is the Bible.  Maybe the common ground is that we believe that our faith has a daily, relevant place in the market place not just our livingrooms.

The world is changing – rapidly.  Canada has been described as a pagan country.  Is it?  Or is it hedonistic? Europe’s dance with secularism has not convinced me that this is highly desirable.  In fact their secularism has led to selfishness that has fanned the flames of their economic woes.

So Mr. Donovan you won your case and New Testaments are out.  I’m sorry for this.  You won’t understand my position – perhaps I don’t entirely understand yours.

Schools, I had hoped, would be about learning.  It seems they are increasingly about NOT learning.