Taking the first step towards a ten year goal

Ever wonder what will happen tomorrow?  Most of us don’t think like that.  If we wonder about the future we generally put it in the context of the distant future.  We think “what will happen 10 years from now” or even later. But thinking about tomorrow escapes us.  Tomorrow seems, I think, too predictable.  Yet the future is contained in tomorrow.

I see this in myself, and perhaps you might see this in yourself, when we think about acting towards future goals.  I want to memorize Psalm 103…or lose 10 pounds….or save enough for retirement.  So the question becomes, what will you do tomorrow (or today for that matter) to move yourself to that goal?

Will I memorize the first 4 verses of Psalm 103?
Will I skip desert at tonight’s dinner?
Will I take $25 out of my chequing account and put in my savings account?

Goals need some immediate or near immediate action.  Other wise they join the long list of things we never actually got to.

The end of January is approaching – did you make a new year’s resolution?  What is the first step to accomplishing it?  Have you done it?

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