Attributes of a Leader 2

Continuing out of our discussions around leadership…the topic is attributes of a leader.

Passion/Compassion: The cool, aloof, analytical leader vs the leader whos is filled with elation, intensity and inspiration. (Which one do you like to work with?).  Leaders give people something larger than themselves. That’s where The Army’s mission brings a strong dynamic to leading a group of people.  Don’s comparison is “an evangelist for the dream – a dealer in hope.”  The Army’s moto: Giving Hope Today.  In regard to compassion; leadership without care and compassion is hollow.  Remember the adage “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”.
Communication: there is a simplicity, honesty, integrity and excellence in communication.  Leaders are effective listeners and a calming influence.  (Perhaps this is the greatest challenge for leaders!)

Team builder: teams come in all shapes and sizes…by the side of an effective man/woman are effective people.  Leaders motivate, mentor and coach.  In other words they invest in their team.  The team must also invest in the leader.  Unleashing the power of people is critical.  Therefore the leader must work towards conflict resolution (not elimination) finding common ground…which I think is in the mission…lubricating human interactions and creating partnerships.  (Wow – there’s a huge challenge in this attribute.)

Visionary: the best way to predict the future is to create it.  Leaders develop and articulate a strong vision – frame challenges, opportunities and decisions in the context of the vision.

That’s a small slice of our discussion, but one I wanted to record for my own reflection and perhaps you too would like to do similarily.  If you wish you can add your comment.  Do you agree?  Do you see anything you would add?

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