Great Customer Service – Wheaton Chev Olds

For the past 4 years I’ve been having our van serviced at Don Wheaton Chev Olds….well, I did try Edmonton Motors, but I’ll come back to them.  Today I want to post my excellent experience with Don Wheaton’s service staff.  They have been better than good.  They are polite, focused and attentive.  The biggest shout out goes to Len – one of the service technicians.  Friendly and informed would be how I might describe the service providers.

Today they put on my snow tires, checked the brakes, changed the oil…not a big job but well done!  As I was checking in this morning, Gary (service technician) said to me “you do quite a bit of driving – though I notice you didn’t drive as much this summer as the year before.”

Thank you guys & gals for great service.

Back to my related comment to Edmonton Motors…sorry my experience was not so good there…but I did learn that there is another Fred Waters in Edmonton and he drives (or drove) a Cadillac.  You can tell us apart…I’m driving a Chev.

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