Fabricland – the next Eatons

It struck me the other day as I watched television, just how well I could see.  After my surgery almost 4 months ago, (see this post) the fact that I can see clearly out of my left eye is, at least to me, amazing.   The medical community gets a great deal of criticism, and most of the time we would have to admit that they do a good job of looking after us.  However I would still like the heat to be on over night in the hospital.  I am so grateful for my sight.

We made two purchases this week that gave us such a contrast in experience I couldn’t help but mention it.  The first was a purchase Wendy made at Fabricland….two pieces of material,  it took about 10 minutes to get the material cut and then we stood in line while one cashier dealt with each customer and processed their purchase manually.  Remember the little metal boxes with the three part receipt?  We used them in retail in 1975 when I worked in a shoe store.  I was so surprised to see them…I didn’t even think you could buy the receipts!

The other purchase we made was at Ikea.  The products are all bar coded, scanned, paid, out the door in minutes….and hundreds of people were going through with us.

The contrast couldn’t be stronger.  As the people behind us in Fabricland mumbled and sighed at the slow progress to the cash register, I turned and asked “remember Eatons?”

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