Don’t worry Tiffany – some video is locked away

The dec24guy You Tube Channel continues to grow with more “old” footage from days gone by…  Okay, so it isn’t that old, but it is fun to see what’s been recorded in the past.  I do have one or two video clips that friends, say perhaps Tiffany, might kill me if I posted.  So be assured those will stay in the vault (just like Disney).  Speaking of Disney there’s one from our trip in 2008 to Disneyland – my how I would like to go back there soon.

Why the sudden urge to go south?  The weather man tells us we could have snow flurries this week!  In a word – yuk!

In the past week the number one post visited at Hybrid Thoughts has been Canadian Keswick Conference Center with 39 views.  Those aren’t huge numbers but when you consider I only average about 40 visitors to my blog a day quite a few are coming by searching for this.  I’ve wondered what is the interest in this place?  Read the posting and you’ll see what my thoughts were.

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