A quick visit to Canmore

We had some time off this week so we made a quick visit to one of our favourite towns. We love Canmore and always enjoy time to walk the main street and dropping into some of the shops. We also stopped by the river and visited the parts of town that are just pretty.

Of course, we had to drop into The Sugar Pine – the local iconic quilt shop. The weather seemed to change every 20 minutes and at one point the quilt shop filled up with people who were escaping a short torrent of rain.

I love going down by the river and listening to the water flow as well as taking in the aroma of the trees. I really can’t think of a nicer smell in the air!

We were just leaving the river when we stumbled across a small herd of Elk – no bulls but the calfs were there and you can hear the call of some of them.

The mountains that surround the town add such character of course but my days of hiking up them are over I think. It’s not the going up that’s the issue, it’s the coming down…my right knee won’t do it. I guess it’s a reminder that I’m not 40 anymore.

The town wasn’t as busy as I thought it might be but the weather was wet and cool.

What’s your favourite town?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    My favourite town is Niagara on the Lake, spent lots of time there as a kid and during retirement, best little town in Ontario

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