Christina Lake is smoky

The smoke from south of the border is drifting our way…you can see it over the lake!


The Creamery – Christina Lake

What’s a holiday without ice cream?  And what’s a holiday without visiting the local ice cream icon?  It was a trip to The Creamery last night for the three of us.  For me, Black Forest Cake …mmmmm.  We then headed to the secret room out the back – well it isn’t that secret, it is only a patio area with nice white lights and lots of flower pots around.  What made it seem secret was the fact that you had to go through a door that was marked “washrooms”.

I assumed that we would go to one of the booths inside…but suddenly we were led through the secret passage to the patio by our experienced guide Lynn.  See what advantage there is in being with “a local”?

We joined in around the table for some discussion – though you know how shy I am – but eventually I warmed up and we had a good time talking about lots of different things including vinyl albums vs. CDs.

By the time we left it was dark…and it was good to roll into our bed last night having felt that another day of rest and refreshment was restoring our souls – if not our bodies.

One final note…yesterday I washed and waxed the trailer – what a great feeling to see it shiny and clean.  And in some ways it is also good preparation for….dare I use the “W” word?……yes winter!  For once we get home and back into our busy calendars I suspect the next time we use the trailer it will be July of 2011.

Shutterbug magazine

This is week three of vacation…ahhhh!  I think I’m beginning to really relax.

I’m taking advantage of the time and reading.  It was a late night last night zooming around the internet visiting websites of a variety of photographic suppliers.  Coming into Grand Forks we stopped to get some groceries and I picked up the latest copy of Shutterbug.  Browsing through the magazine it was thrilling to see dozens of good websites referred to including some great printing companies that have some very large product sizes.

Visiting the Shutterbug website I found this very interesting new product.  I’m not sure how if I would ever use one – certainly never own one in Alberta! Here’s the link to see it.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.