UK bound in 1993

This is one of the posts are my being reflective of days gone by – days of long ago in many ways. See Phil and Jason with Wendy? Yup – now grown men with kids of their own. The date on the photo says May 1993. We were off to visit my folks who lived in London England. Weeks before we were to fly the airline we booked with went under and by the good graces of God we found ourselves booked, at no additional cost, on another airline.01-05-2010-18-37-23-77@ed78bdbbf51f492f8cd2db24bb840abcSo here the four of us took to the air to see another country – the first time these two went this far. Phil ended up laying down with his feet on a big burly man who welcomed his role in letting Phil be comfortable. We laughed later.

Sometimes it’s good to pull out an old photo and remember. What’s your favourite photos of?

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