Band of Love 1922

20180409_145857.jpgThis a photo of a plaque that was given to me recently and will end up at the Heritage Centre. It was a donation at one of our thrift stores, and as you can see is a Salvation Army document. Apart from the usual artwork and identification as a Salvation Army document, what was interesting was the date – 1922. This is 8 years before my Dad was born and early in the “roaring 20’s” which were typified by a sense of liberty from the constraints of the Victorian era and the modernization of life through automobiles and the industrial revolution.

But here is a document that spoke to the higher calling of mankind – to live a life marked by dedication to God and in service of others.  It says, amongst other things, that they pledged themselves to “love all and be kind to animals” and to “strive to speak the Truth and offer a prayer Morning and Evening every day.”

Noble calling indeed. Some may feel that it is overstated or too simple, but I note a growing number of voices in the public realm calling for greater respect for each other and kindness as a means of daily behaviour. From “pay it forward” to “love wins” the messages are similar. We need a new band of love and a call to others to lay down the stones of criticism to take up a mandate of love.

“If you have love one for another all men will know that you are my disciples.” – Jesus

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