A very generous offer

Posted here are four photos that are in the final running to be turned into a painting.

You see my very talented aunt Freda is an oil painter…and a very good one!  She’s offered to do me a painting and I’m very fond of Mount Rundle (top).  It is a unique shaped mountain and was the first one that Phil and I climbed.  (Remember the bleeding feet Phil?)

And of course the wild life around the mountains is always stirring…rugged and fearless!

But I love the Three Sisters (bottom)…

So if you wish to vote you may do so…top, elk, sheep or bottom!


Redeeming the time

We’ve just returned home after 9 days on the road and it was wonderful to lie in our own bed last night.  Truth be told, we landed in the house about 9:30 pm….after driving through what seemed like gale like winds and rain, and of course trying to get our things into the house without everything being wet.  Once we were in the house we weren’t long before the lights were out and we were sleeping well.

Wendy’s plans for Moms and Tots Camp were executed well, and the women left on a very happy note promising to bring their friends next year.  I was very proud of Wendy and all her hard work!

The weekend at Glenmore was very good – and the development of the Spanish Ministry is impressive.  Saturday night we were able to hit Cheesecake with Pete, Sandy, Randy, Faye, Pam, Sandra, Kerry, Cheryl and Bev.  It was another reminder of how much we enjoyed our seven years at Glenmore and how, more broadly, we enjoyed being pastors.

Now our attention turns to getting those things done that need more immediate attention so we can also ready the trailer!  Holidays will give us a chance to visit Phil and Amanda, do some “sitting by the pool” and of course for Wendy…some USA shopping!  As I have said before..time spent in the trailer is redeeming the time!

Eye update

What do you call two days with a blog entry? Unusual!

Eye update: the surgeon says I have 20/40 vision in my left eye now, that about a month from now I can update my glasses prescription, and that I can expect my eye to continue to heal for up to two years!

He showed me the photos of my right and left retinas and you can’t tell them apart! Healing is well underway.

Tonight was Glenmore’s Stampede program – a joy to attend as always and wonderful to reconnect with Major Andy Millar, an American officer who was a guest at a Youth Councils we organized back in 1994.

A few thoughts about us as a family and our interests.