The Property team

We have an amazing team of people. This is Michaela – one of our great architects. She is an amazing project manager and now that we’ve done this once, we’ll be looking at repeating it. The video speaks for itself.

Congratulations to the leadership in Edmonton for taking on such an innovative project. This is a good news story all around!

I had a chance to tour the facility in the middle of the construction and I was struck with the technology that was in the project then. It was a cold day – a chilly minus 30 and they were pouring concrete! Wow.

By heating under the pad, even as the outside temperate was cold, very cold, the concrete was being poured.

And now it’s almost ready – opening on June 8th I believe. It will be a great celebration. I wish I could be there but I’ll be in Toronto!

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Looks like a great place and how interesting to hear of all the innovations in the building project what a great property for The Salvation Army in Edmonton

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