One-of-a-kind tailor

David Kang made my first uniform when I was 15. I had been enrolled as a Senior Soldier, a moment in time that remains meaningful. I was serious about what I was doing, what I was promising. Lt. Colonel Joe Craig led us through the classes on Biblical and theological understanding, the role of a soldier, and the meaning of covenant. When I signed my soldier’s covenant, it was done prayerfully.

Soon I was being measured for a uniform and was asking to join our senior band. I was very proud of that day.

David was working out of downtown and he was a little hard to understand at times, but I thought he was an interesting man and my Dad was very friendly with him.

Years later David made the uniforms for Wendy and I to go to the College for Officer Training and since then he’s made all my uniforms. When I was young, he would say to me: “you are the skinniest officer in The Salvation Army”.

Eventually, I became very involved with him in this role as he and I work to provide uniform and uniform options for the territory.

This lovely tribute to David was recently produced and released and I thought I would like to post it here for you to meet this very serious and committed Christian man.

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