Will Toronto ever be finished?

It’s been a week of travel and meetings in Toronto. The crush of the city is full-on when we’re there and is another reminder of why we like to be in the wide-open spaces of Alberta. We had the delight of being down on the waterfront this week as Wendy had meetings there and I went off to the office for my own responsibilities.

Our final day coincided with opening day for the Blue Jays. The streets were filled with cars and pedestrians. Since we were near the home of the BJs we decided that maybe it would be a good idea to take supper to our hotel room and eat there – sure enough when I went to pick up our meal the place was packed with people even standing to eat their food.

The Blue Jays went on to win their home opener – the first one in three years – and so the baseball fans went home happy.

Downtown Toronto is an interesting place, not one I would want to live in, but with the hundreds of tiny condos nearby there are plenty of young people who make this area their home. Every time I am down here it is evident that the construction, never-ending, continues.

We could see the Toronto Islands from our room. This is an area I knew well as a teenager as I would often ride my bike down to the waterfront and then take the ferry across. These are great memories when the city of Toronto was just over a million people (including the boroughs) and the city was surrounded by farms and golf courses. Now the population is approaching 6 million. And construction is everywhere. In fact, it took 15 minutes one day to go 1 km. and as I crawled through the traffic and construction I wondered if this city will forever be under construction? Will they ever finish Toronto?

While we were in the city we also dropped into the staff songster’s practice. It is always nice to see the people who we know and appreciate. We have learned to appreciate their good spirits and devotion to Jesus.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Toronto just continues to build condos, two more going up at the end of this street & further east another one soon to be built at Bayview & Davisville, more people & more cars

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