It was a lovely day on Friday and I found myself moving with my coffee in hand on to the deck. The sun was so bright I could hardly see my tablet, but wow the warmth of the sun felt great. Spring has really arrived it would seem. I noticed that the big hares that live in the neighbourhood have begun their change back to their summer colours.

The transition from winter to spring is always fascinating. Frozen earth, trees deep asleep, animals burrowed away, and then as the sun warms the earth and the snow melts off the earth seems to return to life and we all begin to breathe more easily.

There are lots of transitions in life.

I remember leaving home to launch out on my own as a young adult – that was an adventure! No money, but an adventure.

I remember the transition from single to married – trying to find middle ground at times. Still no money but another adventure.

I remember the transition from family life to empty nesters! That was a really interesting one. We were so happy to see our kids head off on their own adventure and to celebrate their independence, after a few tears, but another big transition. Especially driving home after work and saying – where do you want to go to eat tonight?

We have had several transitions in living – small town, big city, different province – lots and lots of transitions there. If you’ve never changed provinces you’re missing something. How one province does things is different from the next – oh, and every province is convinced they have it right.

Speaking of transitions – so here’s how you shop in Japan. This young gal had her camera set up in a store – we saw another gal in a different store. They are streaming live and showing their “audience” was is for sale in Canada and then those who watch can order and she’ll bring it home. You can see she’s holding up the jacket – and talking rather loudly into her mic which wireless to her phone.

So that’s technology creating transition.

Finally, let me say we’re in the transition towards retirement – in our home, and have a retirement date for next year….but not there yet. So I would say this is transition too!

Maybe transition is what life is really made up of. Always changing – from one stage to another, from one circumstance to another. Embracing change is the secret to happiness I think.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Yes I have always thought of it as stages in life, you have to move on because time sure doesn’t stand still…we can look back with pleasure but hopefully not regret as we move to the next stage (old age) LOL

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