Social media – where’s the good?

When I first signed up for Facebook in 2007 I was quite excited about the possibilities. I can say 15 years later that it is both good and bad. That’s no revelation to you – we see some great things on social media both good and bad. We see the best and the worst of human behaviour, and isn’t it remarkable that the average social media user can suddenly become a nuclear scientist or a professor of agriculture depending upon their need to make a statement of expertise.

On Twitter, I’ve found some rather remarkable individuals who really do demonstrate insight or brilliant technical expertise. On Facebook, I have disconnected from more people than I’m connected to, and currently have established for myself a rule that I only accept people who are relatives, have no connection to The Salvation Army, and if they do it must be outside our territory. I’m simply unwilling to watch and listen to some “opinions”… and often uninformed. So that’s my statement – agree, disagree, doesn’t matter. It’s my current position.

I am in a Canadian photography landscape o Facebook right now, and submit pictures as I can meet the criteria.

Currently the header for the group is featuring one of my photos!

I was really taken that they would use MY photo. Wow.

In another way social media can really surprise you.

We were recently saddened to hear of the passing of Lt Colonel Junior Hynes. If there was ever a kind, prayerful, generous Christian gentleman Junior was he. His gentle approach and joyful exuberance made him someone you could really enjoy being in company with. When I heard about his death I wanted to send a card and so I looked up their home address to get one off to his wife Verna. When I clicked on the address it took me to Google Maps and I looked at the street view…and behold there in the picture was Junior.

There in the picture with his back to the camera, unaware that the Google car is passing by, he works on a garden project out the front of the house. A moment caught in time that at this point in time was a real surprise to see. It almost took my breath away.

The good of social media right here….

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