Why be happy?

I heard a long time ago, that our fears for tomorrow and our regrets for yesterday take up too much real estate in our brains. I can verify that my experience with lots of people in lots of settings in lots of different areas of the country tell me that this is more than just a saying, it’s true.

Of course what haunts us, or what we suffer from in relation to our frame of reference is not really something I am an expert in (what am I an expert in?) but I think that we have plenty of evidence that living in today more and learning how to move past our regrets and fears would make a very big difference in our lives.

The scripture verse, of an unnamed author, points to God as the center of our world and then puts this verse into play:

This is the day the Lord has made.
    We will rejoice and be glad in it.

It really is good advice for us – live today, in today. Be present today, with those you love and care for, even those you love who drive you crazy! Today is the day. Yesterday is over, can’t be relived and tomorrow is not yet here and can’t be lived until it arrives.

Today carries the joy of the here and now. It is true that today carries the uncertainty of tomorrow, which can’t be denied but the more we live in today, make today count the less we need to worry about tomorrow.

Pharrell Williams made the song Happy a hit as it called on us to live in the “today” of our experiences. Where it let us down was telling us why.

So what’s the answer, what’s the reason for living today – enjoying if we can, or at least knowing that whatever is the challenge, we are in the hands of a loving and providing God. Don’t think that you are not loved, valued or cared for. The fact that our own sinfulness, our own self-interests mean that others suffer is not a sanction by God but an allowance of human self will which we so enjoy and need in order to determine what we value and do.

Suffering in this world is not a result of God’s inaction but of man’s evilness – the Russia/Ukraine conflict is a prime example.

God is love – that’s the declaration of the apostle John, it is perhaps the greatest truth that we know. Without His love we cannot love. He authors love, humour, joy and peace. God warns that The Devil is most active in our world and he is the author of deceit, lies, death and distrust.

Be happy yes, but be joyful for the God of the Universe who gave you life and wishes to give you abundant life is with you – if you will be pray, that is speak out to him, to open your life to Him and to embrace His offer of forgiveness and joy.

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