Our first and last home

More than a house. It’s a home and almost all our furniture is now in place and more and more it’s getting to be our hideway, our refuge from the world. We’re over joyed.

These days it looks a bit different with all the snow around it, and we tend to have the van in the garage. But home it is…and surely little by little in increasing measure we are making it fit us. If you don’t move often you’ll maybe not understand this, but it takes time to settle in a house – well it does for us. We need time to decide where the furniture is best, what pictures go where (we seem to have a lot of pictures) and what cupboard is for what…. well it takes us time.

the view from inside

The sun is now rising a bit earlier and the sky still has some light after 5 pm…not dark really until 5:30 pm so the earth is tilting back.

We love our home. Our first home – our last home.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    I’m so happy for you that things are coming together in this lovely house I know you will have many years to enjoy it

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