New SA facility

I’ve been enjoying the renovation work around the house, and being in it and part of it really makes you understand how much work is represented in these projects. But recently I had a chance to tour one of our facilities that are under construction. This is in Edmonton and will be for supportive housing. This replaces one of our oldest buildings so that’s exciting but it will also be one of our most environmentally responsible facilities.

The contractor was excellent in giving us this tour and went to great lengths to provide us with interesting details about the construction. I found him to be warm, welcoming and engaging.

pouring concrete in -15 C weather

They were pumping in concrete to pour the floor for this next structure. The basement space had been heated to 25 C so that as they poured the concrete the heat from below would allow it to cure. Pretty amazing technology.

I was grateful for the invitation to be part of the day.

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