Family time

After a week of work in Toronto, we’ve been able to enjoy a bit of time with Jason and the kids. How can you express the joy of being with grandchildren that we have not been with since August? It is wonderful.

Ted’s ability with numbers is quite amazing. I gave him a list of numbers to add up in his head and he did so accurately and quickly. Wow. He’s an excellent reader too.

Beth is an excellent reader and she is absolutely hilarious to listen to as she puts in the voices of her characters… see below. She’s the most adventuresome of the three.

Rachel is turning into a pre-teen all too quickly. Her cute haircut really favours her and she is now interested in “nail stuff”. What happened to that little girl? She is an avid reader too.

The really good news is now Rachel has her first Covid vaccine dose and the other two will have their’s this week.

We have to head into Toronto tomorrow for meetings and then soon back to Edmonton but it sure has been great to be together again for a bit.

Who do you miss?

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    I miss all of the family that’s for sure

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