Sounds like a whodunnit – Applegate, but no it’s a building on Keats Island on the Barnabas Family Ministries grounds. The apple orchard next to this lovely facility gives rise to its name. Here is where we’ve been sharing, one with another. We’ve been telling our stories, sharing in prayer and encouragement, and building community.

What does it take to build community? Proximity? Common goals? Willingness to be vulnerable? Yes, that is certainly a good part of it. But the most important part of the equation, if I might use a mathematical term, is trust.

Without trust, nothing can really be achieved. It is what builds good marriages, good partnerships, good family dynamics, good friendships, good community. Once there is the mere sniff of criticism, skeptical attitude, meanness, or sarcasm you can kiss trust and community goodbye.

Inside this building, we are building trust…. and it is attractive. It smells like warm bread with the freshest of butter, it has the aroma of homemade apple pie cooling from being just out of the oven. It draws you in like a moth is drawn to the flame. It is irristable.

But it is fragile.

Treat it with care.

Here are the guys who I have grown to love and trust.

Barnabas brothers

They served me today. Coffee, mostly fresh – then breakfast, then more coffee, then lunch… it was divine, it was wonderful, it was Jesus in my presence. I was on calls much of the day and they looked after me…. sounds like a story Jesus told of the Samaritan who looked after the man beaten along the road.

I was not beaten….but these guys showed up and looked after me.

And then tonight, Mark reminded us of his fattened calf account.

The story, told by Jesus of the father awaiting the return of his prodigal son had, upon his return, the fattened calf ready so that a great meal, a wonderful celebration could be had. In other words, Mark reminded us, the father was ready.

So what is it we need to have ready for our prodigal children? It is a remarkable thought and one that demands planning and action.

Tonight we were in Gibsons for supper…. and down by the water. How tranquil!

Silent Night

And finally, just because I can…. a short video from earlier today.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Looks really lovely such a nice spot with all that is going on in BC and such devastation on the mainland so happy you are in a great location

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