Sounds like a whodunnit – Applegate, but no it’s a building on Keats Island on the Barnabas Family Ministries grounds. The apple orchard next to this lovely facility gives rise to its name. Here is where we’ve been sharing, one with another. We’ve been telling our stories, sharing in prayer and encouragement, and building community….

The quiet streets

While the days are full of video conference calls, phone calls, emails and the like as we navigate through the demands placed on our systems so we can support and resource our people. It’s a time to pause and to reflect on not only what makes up a day but what makes up life. This…

Psalm 131

The Scripture records the words of the Apostle Paul as “I have learned in all things to be content.”  Not something easily arrived at, or attained if it ever can be.  But here’s a prayer from Psalm 131 which I am praying – Lord let this be true of me.