Autumn tradition

Yesterday in my Facebook feed came a memory of one year ago when Wendy and I went to Lintons north of Oshawa.

This past weekend we went with Phil, Amanda, Carlyle, Fitz and Paige took us to a greenhouse in the north of the city to look at some perennials. It was great to be out all together and to have Carlyle travel with us. Sometimes she likes being in a vehicle that is a bit quieter!

We visited this nursery and picked up a few things – no pumpkins – but we did get a bleeding heart and a clematis. They had a lovely gift shop, a great deal of produce and their section with the plants associated with the late season – like mums!

so here’s our big purchase…

They had a pond area with fish and turtles – Carlyle especially liked seeing them.

I thought about buying these – had never seen them before and in the end did not – maybe another time. Have you ever seen them, cooked with them?

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