We were back in Ottawa

It was a full and busy week – traveling to Ottawa and then down to Toronto for meetings, this gave us a chance to be with family and to make some important face to face connections.

Jason and I had a chance to go out with our cameras looking for some good photographs and to enjoy the warmth of the day. It was delightful – just not long enough.

Photography was something that I really got interested in around my 17th birthday and since that time I’ve owned a variety of cameras – usually 35 mm until I move to a digital format, which now seems to be standard. The days of developing film ( I taught black and white development for a year in a community centre) seem to be gone for the most part.

We walked along a path that brought us out to the Ottawa River and it was as if the tide was out. It was clear that the river had been wider, likely through a heavy rain, but had now receeded. By the way walking with a coffee in your hand improves everything.

Later in the day I saw this ’59 Fiat parked in a driveway near where Jason lives. It appeared to be fully restored and was immaculate. This was Italy’s answer to the VW bug – it has a 2 cylinder, 479 cc engine and boasted 13 HP. So not a sports car by any stretch of the imagination.

It was great being in Ottawa

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