Headline: Grandparents exhausted

So they came and we played hard…and now they are gone on their way back to Ottawa and we’re taking time to recover! Whew. What a great time.

Rachel on the play structure

The days usually began early with one the kids crawling into bed with us….the signal that Grandpa should start on breakfast.

Lunch in Canmore
Goat Creek trail

Our trip to Calgary/Canmore/Drumheller gave us the chance to be in the mountains though the smoke was in the air and the view was not as good as it could have been – but it was warm and enjoyable to be outside. The trail walk didn’t go too far as Rachel, in particular, was a little uncomfortable with the sign at the beginning of the trail.

not to worry the trail was very busy

The next day we were over to Drumheller and a visit to the museum.

love Jason’s smile
love the evidence of their presence

There is so much more I could post – so many more stories to tell… but to sum up this short post, you won’t be surprised to read that we enjoyed these days of vacation so very much. While it was intense and in so many ways very tiring it was wonderful to be able to hear the voice of the children, to see the activity, the energy…oh my, the energy… oh, to have that much energy. How wonderful it has been.

They are on their way home, but how wonderful it has been and yes a tears shed as they drove off. We’re not sure when we’ll see them next, likely not until 2022. But until then we’ll have many pictures and memories.

in the back seat for the long trip home

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    You certainly covered a lot of territory in the time they were with you and it sounds like a great visit

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