Missing Myrtle Beach SC

For a number of years we visited Myrtle Beach each year. Our first trip, when we lived in Hamilton, was so positive we decided we liked that part of the USA more than Florida where many of our friends made regular visits. It was a 19 hour drive from Hamilton so we could arrive on the second day mid-afternoon.

The beach can’t be beat – and it goes on for miles – and then there are places like Barefoot Landing, the numerous seafood buffets and of course, as our kids learned, there are those places with a big sign outside saying “kids eat free”.

We stayed at the Bluewater, the Swampfox and in a couple of the trailer parks once we had the tent trailer. Every time we left looking forward to our next visit.

Of course in a global pandemic there have been no opportunities to return!

Jason’s first day of school

I found this note from Mrs. McMaster to Jason. She was a wonderful teacher for Jason in Hamilton and clearly we were taking him out of school (prior to going to camp for the summer) and we were on our way to Myrtle Beach. Clearly she knew where we were going and she took time to give Jason this note.

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  1. Margaret Waters says:

    Oh to go on a vacation to some nice warm spot like Myrtle Beach great picture of Jason and how nice to see the note from his teacher

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